WOD: 2-10-13

The gym will be opened today with a regular schedule for everyone who can make it.

Please use your judgement and be safe if you are planning to come in.

Team WOD L1: End of the world (team style):

120 Weighted Buddy Sit Ups (30/20)

12 Overhead Lunges (85/55) every thirty reps

100 Overhead Lunges (85/55)

10 Weighted Sit Ups (30/20) every time you both drop the bar once

The Overhead Lunges can be broken up anyhow

Team WOD L2: End of the world (team style):

90 Toes to Bar

12 Overhead Lunges every time you both come off the bar (115/75)

100 Overhead Lunges (115/75)

12 Toes to Bar every time you both drop the bar once

All of the work can be broken up in any way


This workout seemed appropriate…

In case you missed the sweet underline stated above, anyone who is available to workout is welcome to get their fix through the regular Sunday Funday schedule.  If you cannot manage to come in, consider the following workout:

3 rounds for time of:

1 min AMRAP of Burpees
1 min AMRAP of Air Squats

1 minute rest

10 seconds of plank hold for every rep you are off from one round to the next.  So if you do 50 reps in round one and 45 in round 2 = 50 seconds of the Plank Hold.  If you do 40 reps in your third round that is another 50 seconds (the time comes from the difference between the second and the third rounds).

The more the merrier,



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